Creating Calendar Events (Non-Meets)

Your team's Meets and Events are managed in the Schedule tab in the Manage Team console.


The events listed here will be by default from your site's "current season", which is set in the Seasons tab. To view meets and events in a different season, click on a season name on the left.


 See the Managing Seasons tutorial for more info on your current season.

About Meets and Events 

Two types of events can be added here which will display on your website's Upcoming Events snippet and Swim Meets page.

» Swim Meets allow you to define events and set specific meet parameters. Members can sign themselves up to work a job and enter their swimmers in meet events. Some teams refer to signing up for a meet as an RSVP—in SwimTopia, that’s called attendance declaration or meet signup. See: Creating and Managing Swim Meets for more on setting up swim meets. And see Meet Job and Swimmer Sign-up for Parents for more about this from a parent’s perspective.

» Calendar (Social) Events are non-meet events such as banquets or informational meetings that members can sign up to attend and/or work. 

Note: For swim clinics or other paid events which require a limited capacity, you can add these as Merchandise items with limited slots and offer them for sale on your Online Store or during Registration.


Creating Calendar (Social) Events

Click the Add Calendar Event button for a new meeting or social event.


Enter your event details, and check the Do not display box to save it as a draft accessible to admins only.

Uncheck this option when you are ready for it to appear on your Meets & Events schedule, and to allow parents to sign up for Jobs or RSVP.


Click Save to add this event to the schedule. 


Sign-up Status for Calendar Events


The status tab will show the current status of the RSVP and Job signup settings for non-meet events. RSVP status behaves in the following manner below. 


✓ Allow RSVP and view it (parent account login required)


×  Disable view and RSVP


✓ Allow view RSVP (parent account login required)

×  Disable RSVP


For automation setting a time and date then checking the Automatically Open or Automatically Close box will make the RSVP open or close once the date has passed.

 See the Jobs and Shifts and Job Templates tutorials for more info on job sign up status, creating jobs, and assigning volunteers for your meets and events. 


RSVP Settings for Calendar Events

Click on the event name in your Schedule to edit RSVP and payment settings for this event.



Click Collect online payments and enter your fees per athlete if this event requires payment. 


Click Save to save your changes to this event, for example to waive a fee for older swimmers.

Once RSVP's are entered, click Replies to view and download a CSV export of all RSVP responses.



 See the Creating and Managing Swim Meets tutorials for more info on creating swim meets.

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