Schedule and Seasons

Seasons are used to organize your events, athlete affiliations, role assignments, sponsorships and registrations. season defines a range of time, from the start date to the end date. 

Click the Schedule: Seasons tab in the Manage Team console to set, view, and edit your seasons.




Select a season from the list and click Save to make that season your current season throughout the site. 

The selected current season determines which season is currently active, regardless of the current date. Registrations submitted on your site will be added to your roster for the current season set here. Additionally, your default roster, meet schedule and reports will default to this season. 




Edit season dates by clicking on the season name. Or, create a new season by clicking Add Season.

When your roster and time history exports from a previous database are migrated into your SwimTopia site, relevant seasons will be created automatically. 



Enter the season's name, start and end dates. If a season has an age-up date, that date is used to determine athlete ages for age-group membership.


Click Save to add the new season.


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