Getting Started Guide for Leagues

Welcome to SwimTopia! We're pleased to help you manage your league website, with special features that can help you manage the teams in your league.

Use this checklist to get started with your new league website. Follow the links below each item for step-by-step instructions.


 Manage team and site settings

You can review (and edit if needed) your league's name, abbreviation, add a logo, set your time zone,  configure your WePay account and enable your Online Store. 

➞ Admin Menu and Settings Menu

Also, if any of your teams are already using SwimTopia sites, we'll want to make sure they're linked to your league.  Contact our Customer Happiness Team with a list of your teams who are SwimTopia users (or if it's easier, all of your teams).


 Manage people

Manage the people in your league including admins, board members, and league officers.

➞ Adding New Admins

➞ Managing People 


Add some content to your website

Modify your site's color scheme, add content to your pages, and arrange your pages and navigation.

➞ Customizing your site’s appearance

➞ Pages and Navigation

➞ Editing Page Content with Snippets

➞ Working with Snippets (video)


④ Create Meet Templates

Define Shared Meet Templates that can be applied to your SwimTopia teams' meets.  This helps ensure consistency across teams' meets for swim events, meet entry rules, meet entry fees, and eligibility rules.  

Swim Events Template 


⑤ Import your Meet Schedule

Create a meet schedule file that can be pushed down to your teams who are using SwimTopia and will auto-populate your SwimTopia teams' Schedules.

League Meet Schedule 


 Set up Scoring and Standings

You can create a league standings page by enabling the scoring feature, if all of your teams are using SwimTopia.  You can even track standings within divisions.

Setting up Divisions for your League 

Scoring for Leagues

League Standings Snippet 


 Set up Shared Roles

Create roles that will be used by your teams who are also using SwimTopia, such at Team Rep, President, Coach, and more.  Once you create these Shared Roles, they'll be available on your teams' SwimTopia sites, and your teams can then assign names to them.

➞ Sharing Roles with Member Teams 


 Set up Shared Registration Acknowledgements

You can create acknowledgements to be pushed down to the registration forms of your teams who are also using SwimTopia. In these shared registration acknowledgements, you can include waivers, capture electronic signatures, and add league fees to be paid directly to your league.

League Shared Form Sections


⑨ Email Your League Members 

Use automatic mailing lists to communicate with the league members who are set up on your site, with team members who are assigned to Shared Roles, and to all members of your teams who are using SwimTopia. 

➞ League Communications

➞ Communications

 Communications Center (video)


SwimTopia offers a robust system for managing your site - visit our Help Center for more information, including our section about Leagues.

Need support? Email your questions to

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