Setting up the Online Store

To sell items from your team’s merchandise catalog anywhere on your website and outside of a registration form, enable the Online Store feature page.

WePay account is required and must be set up and verified before you can enable the Online Store. See the WePay Configuration tutorial for instructions on creating and connecting a WePay account to your SwimTopia website.

Note: At this time, offline (paper) checks and private/club accounts cannot be used as a checkout method.

Enabling the Online Store

Go to Manage Team > Website > Online Store.


To enable your online store, check the Enable Online Store Feature checkbox.

If there is an issue with your WePay settings, you will see an alert here. Click the WePay Settings button to manage your WePay account before you continue.


Next, enter a custom confirmation page for your users. This message will be loaded on the Shop page after a successfully completed checkout.


Enter a custom confirmation confirmation email message. This email will be sent in addition to the automatic email receipt your users will receive from WePay. 


Enter an email address to receive copies of each email confirmation (optional). The WePay account owner will automatically receive a WePay receipt copy. You can manage this option in your WePay account.

Finally, click the Save button to enable your Online Store Feature and save your confirmation messages. Once the Online Store is enabled, it will remain so until you disable it.

Disabling the Online Store

To disable the Online Store and all related features, simply uncheck the Enable Online Store Feature checkbox in your Manage Team > Website > Online Store tab and click the Save button.

To verify that it has been removed, you will see that the Shop page is marked DISABLED in your Manage Team > Website > Pages tab.


Disabling the Online Store will not affect your WePay settings or preferences.

The Shop Page

When the Online Store Feature is enabled, a new Shop page will be added to your top-level navigation on your website.


This page can be edited just like any other page, using snippets from Manage Site > Edit Page Content in the admin menu.

Disabling the Online Store will remove the Shop page from your site, and prevent users from accidentally navigating to any Merchandise offers or Shopping Carts, and hide the Merchandise Offer and Shopping Cart Snippets from the Snippets pane (see below). 

Merchandise Offer Snippets

A new Merchandise Offer Snippet will now be available to drag into any page on your website that Snippets are used, including the Shop page.

This snippet uses items that are in your team catalog, which are managed in the Manage Team > Merchandise tab from the admin menu.

Drag in a Merchandise Offer snippet to add an item for sale to your Shop page.


Select a Merchandise item (items are managed in the Merchandise tab), select an image display size and description display preference, and click the Create button.



The item will be displayed with its image, name, price, and optional description (see above). You can add as many Merchandise Offer Snippets as you like to this page or any page or template on your site.

Users will click on the item name to enter options and quantities, and to add it to the shopping cart.  


Each time a user adds an item to the cart, an editable Shopping Cart on the Shop page is automatically displayed.


Adding an item to the Shopping Cart will trigger a small cart icon and item count in the admin menu at the top of the page. Clicking on this icon will send the user to the Shopping Cart page.



The Shopping Cart Snippet

A compact Shopping Cart Snippet is also available when the Online Store is enabled.

The Shopping Cart Snippet is only available from Manage Site > Edit Template Content in the admin menu.


Drag the Shopping Cart Snippet into any template, and click the Create button.


When items are in a user's Shopping Cart, this Snippet will display the name, image, and option selected for each item in the cart.

Clicking the View Cart button will send the user to the Shopping Cart page. 


When a user's Shopping Cart is empty, the snippet will display with an empty cart message.



Unique Sidebar with Shopping Cart Snippet

Note: if your Online Store is assigned to the Default template (or Right Sidebar template), anything you add to the sidebar in your Online Store will also be added to all other pages that are assigned to the Default (or Right Sidebar) template.

For more information templates, see our Help Center article about Page Layouts & Templates.

If you'd like to create a unique sidebar with a shopping cart that is used only for your Online Store page, follow these steps:

1. Create a new template (i.e., Online Store):

  • Go to Manage Team > Website > Templates
  • Click on "New Template"
  • Name your template (i.e., Online Store)
  • Select "Default" for the layout

2.  Assign the new template to your Online Store page

  • Go to Manage Team > Website > Pages
  • Click on "Properties" for your Online Store
  • Under "Page Template," select your new template (i.e., Online Store)
  • Click "Save"

3.  Add snippets to your new sidebar

  • Go to your Online Store page ("View Site")
  • Select "Edit template content"
  • Add your Shopping Cart snippet to the sidebar
  • Add any other snippets you'd like to your sidebar


Quick Feature Demo

Check out our short video about setting up your online store:


Managing Orders

All Online Store orders can be managed in Manage Team > Merchandise > Orders. See the Managing Online Store Orders tutorial for more information.


See our Help Center article: Merchandise Reports - Orders Placed through Registration and the Online Store


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