League Features Overview

A SwimTopia League site allows you to publicize the league, inform the public and the member teams about important league information, communicate with the member teams, and set up and schedule the league’s meets.

The league and the member teams get the most benefits when all the member teams are also SwimTopia teams. For example, this allows the league to use the league standing snippets and to set the meet schedule league-wide.

We’ll point out which features require all teams in the league be SwimTopia teams in this and the other league feature articles.

League Signup Code

SwimTopia can create a custom signup code for your league which will automatically connect the team to the league when they signup for SwimTopia. This is especially helpful when the whole league is joining SwimTopia. SwimTopia can also work with the league to provide a custom team template which will populate any new member team’s site with pages, content, and much more when using the custom signup code. Contact the Customer Happiness team to get this set up as well.

League Management

The league can set up divisions in the league and assign teams to them, set up and schedule meets and manage scoring, manage league-wide registration acknowledgements and collect payments and report on them, create Roles that are shared with all the teams in the league and communicate with the member teams membership and role assignees, and run reports on the league and the member teams.

Access the league management aspect of a league site via the Welcome… > Manage League link at the top of the page.

Divisions, Meets, and Scoring

The league can manage which team is assigned to which division and display the league standings via the League Standing by Division snippet. Only SwimTopia teams will appear in the snippet or be an option for setting as an opponent.

League Standing

On the League’s website, the League can display the league standings using the League Standing by Division snippet.


This snippet is only available on the League site and requires all the teams in the league be SwimTopia teams. There’s some configuration required as well, such as assigning teams to divisions.


The League can create the divisions they need, choosing what they are named and then assign teams to their division.

Meets & Scoring

The League can define the meet schedule (which team is home or away, and which team competes against which on a specific date), define the meet events, confirm meet scores, and display the meet standings on the league site. Some of this requires assistance from your friendly Customer Happiness team and that is detailed in the “How To” Help Center articles below.

League Store

The League can set up an online store and sell to any member of any SwimTopia team in the League. Orders are tagged with the member’s team to make distributing the merchandise easier.

Registration Shared Form Sections

Leagues can set up special registration acknowledgement sections that member teams may include on their registration forms. A league can also collect fees as part of these shared acknowledgement sections. This does not require require every team in the league be a SwimTopia team (but only SwimTopia teams will be able to take advantage of this). Leagues can run reports on these acknowledgement sections which provides the electronic signature information.

See this Help Center article: League Shared Form Sections

Shared Roles

SwimTopia league websites allow summer swim leagues to define roles for every team in the league (e.g. President, Head Coach, Computer Rep, etc.), and for teams to designate who fills that role on their team. This allows standardizing roles and also allows the League to communicate with all the people on all the teams assigned to those roles. For example, the League could send a message to all the coaches on all the teams.


The league can send messages to all members of the league’s teams (similar to addressing a message to “Members” on the team site) as well as to people assigned to the shared roles. For example, the league can send a message to all the people assigned to the role “Coach” on every team. 


There are special versions of some of the reports that permit the league to view information about each of the teams or for some reports, on a league-wide basis. The reports include Top Times and Top Relay Times for both the league as a whole and individual teams with the league. The league can also report on the Shared Form Sections with the Acknowledgement Summary (League) report. The League-specific version of Athlete Count By Age Group (League) allows league-wide counts or by team while the Athlete Roster (League) report allows the league to report on each team individually.


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