League Features Overview

SwimTopia offers a powerful engine for content management, communication, and process workflow for leagues. Leagues and their teams receive the most benefit when all of the league’s teams are SwimTopia users as well (noted in some features listed below).

League Website

A free SwimTopia League website provides a robust content management system, allowing you to communicate with the public and with your member teams. Any league, regardless of how many, if any, of the member teams use SwimTopia, can take advantage of these benefits. You can post important information such as:

  • Information about your member teams, including links to their sites
  • League by-laws
  • Board members
  • Important dates, such as league meetings and training classes
  • League standings
  • Online store

League Management

SwimTopia provides powerful tools to help you manage your league:

League Setup Code

SwimTopia can create a custom setup code for your league so that your teams will automatically be affiliated with your league. The custom setup code also allows us to populate your teams’ new SwimTopia sites with specific content. Leagues can work with our Customer Happiness Team to create a custom website template which will populate any new member team’s site with pages, content, and more when using the custom setup code. Contact us at [email protected] to get started.

Meet Templates

The League can set up Shared Meet Templates that can be applied to your SwimTopia teams' meets.  This helps ensure consistency across teams' meets for swim events, meet entry rules, meet entry fees, and eligibility rules.

Read more: Shared Meet Templates

League Meet Schedules 

When all teams in the league use SwimTopia, the League can create a schedule of all the season’s meets that can then be pushed down to their teams’ sites, populating their meet calendars. 

Read more: League Meet Schedule

Division Assignments

Leagues can define divisions and assign SwimTopia teams to them. 

Read more: Setting up Divisions for Your League 

Meet Scoring

When meet scoring is switched on, teams can manually record the scores for each meet. When all teams in the league use SwimTopia, meet scoring is tied to the League Standings feature, see below. 

Read more: Scoring for Leagues 

League Standings

When all teams in the league use SwimTopia, the League can display the league’s win-loss standings using the League Standing snippet. This snippet is only available on the League site. When teams update the meet score and there is a matching consensus score, the League Standings snippet updates automatically. 

Read more: League Standings Snippet 

League Acknowledgements/Waivers

If a League has acknowledgements or waivers that members of its teams must complete upon registration, the league can set up that acknowledgement on its SwimTopia site as a Shared Acknowledgement Section, and it will be available to all of the League's teams who also use SwimTopia.  These acknowledgement sections can even include league fees (including late charges), which will be paid directly to the league.

Read more: League Shared Form Sections

Shared Roles

SwimTopia allows Leagues to define standardized Roles that are shared with all of its teams who are using SwimTopia.  Examples of these Roles might include Head Coach, Team President, Computer Person, Team Rep, etc. Once these Shared Roles are pushed down to the League’s SwimTopia teams, the teams will assign people to those Shared Roles.  The League then has the ability to communicate with everyone who is assigned to a Shared Role - for example the League could send a message to the Coaches for all of its SwimTopia teams. 

Read more: Shared Roles


League admins can use the Communications module to send messages to individuals or to groups:

  • Any individual who is listed on the league’s People page
  • All members who are assigned to a Role, which can include members of Roles that are used on your League site, and can also include members of your SwimTopia teams who are assigned to Shared Roles
  • Members -- All members on the league’s People page
  • All League Members -- All members of the league’s SwimTopia teams 

    Read more: League Communications

League Store

The League can set up an online store and sell to any member of any SwimTopia team in the League. Orders are tagged with the member’s team to make distributing the merchandise easier. 

Read more: League Store


There are special versions of some of the reports that permit the league to view information about each of its SwimTopia teams, or for some reports, on a league-wide basis. The reports include Top Times and Top Relay Times for both the league as a whole and individual teams within the league. The league can also report on the Shared Form Sections with the Acknowledgement Summary (League) report. The League-specific version of Athlete Count By Age Group (League) allows league-wide counts or by team while the Athlete Roster (League) report allows the league to report on each team individually.

Read more: League Reports


Getting Started

Once you're ready to begin setting up your league site, see our Getting Started Guide for Leagues

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