Shared Meet Templates

Meet Templates allow you to define a list of swim events and rules for different types of meets throughout the season (e.g. standard dual meets, tri meets, Divisionals, Champs, or Invitationals). You can define a Meet Template at the league level and share it with your teams, thus ensuring that all of their meets contain your league's swim events and entry rules.

Once you have defined the shared Meet Templates:

  • You can conduct the League Schedule Import, and all of your teams' meets will be pushed down to their own Schedules, with your shared Meet Template attached
  • If your team admins create any new meets (or have already created their meets), they'll see the shared Meet Template on their list of Meet Templates, and they can select the league's Meet Template for their new meets.  

Creating a Shared Meet Template

Meet Templates have four components:

  • Swim Events
  • Entry Rules
  • Meet Entry Fees
  • Eligibility



Read more about Meet Templates, including how to create a new one, in our Help Center article about Meet Templates.

When you create your Meet Template on your league site, you can share it with your teams by clicking the box next to "Shared with member organizations."  


Shared meet templates are not editable by the team.  If a team would like to make changes to a meet template, they can make a copy of the league's shared template, and then make modifications to their local meet template. 

Locking a Shared Meet Template

If you lock a Shared Meet Templates, once that template is applied to a meet, the team will not be able “unlink” that template. The team can’t make any changes to their settings, “un-apply” the template or choose a different template. 

This gives leagues the ability to shared “locked” templates (and even to apply them automatically when importing a meet schedule), in such a way that it guarantees the meet will not deviate from the league template.

But if the league doesn’t lock the template, it gives the team more flexibility to “unlink” the template and then make changes to their meets.

NOTE: currently once a template is applied to a meet, changing the meet template does not also update the meet. 

Applying a Shared Meet Template

You will need to communicate with your SwimTopia teams' admins to instruct them to apply the Shared Meet Templates to their meets on their local SwimTopia sites (unless they were automatically applied during a meet schedule import).

For more information about applying a Meet Template to a meet, see our Help Center article about Meet Templates.


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