Embed a Widget—custom code from other sites

Widgets for your Google calendar, weather forecasts, photo slideshows, page counters, surveys, Twitter, etc. can be added to your SwimTopia website by embedding a bit of code in the HTML of a Text Area snippet.

You can embed almost any “widget” code from another site as long as the widget supports https and doesn’t require the viewer to be signed in to view the content—i.e., the page the widget uses can’t be private because there’s no way for your SwimTopia site to know if a user is logged in to Flickr or what have you.

Each of these examples uses a similar process:

  1. Find the widget you want to use and get to the code version of it (see individual examples for more details).
  2. On your SwimTopia website go to the page you want to use the widget on, then go to the “Welcome…” menu > Manage Site > Edit Page Content/Edit Template Content
  3. Then click “Add Snippet” and drag over a new Text Area snippet OR
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit an existing Text Area snippet
  5. Click the “</>” (HTML) button on the right side of the toolbar, paste in the code, and click the Create (or Update) button.

Some examples:

I've followed the instructions, but my widget won't load. What should I do? 

Some embedded <iframe> codes that contain links to insecure websites (i.e. "http://site.com") may not load within SwimTopia team websites, which are SSL-encrypted secure websites (i.e. "https://team.swimtopia.com"). See this tutorial for more information about security in SwimTopia team websites. 

Share your favorite Widgets by emailing them to [email protected] and we will post them to the Help Center.

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