Twitter Feed Widget

Showing your Twitter feed on your SwimTopia site makes it easy to communicate timely news to your team.

You can quickly create a custom widget on Twitter's website to display your feed, and then embed it in a Text Area snippet. 

In your Twitter account:

  1. go to Settings > Widgets > Create New ( and click the Create Widget button (
  2. Choose one of the options after entering the required information in the “What would you like to embed?” field (e.g., “@SwimTopia”), probably “Embedded Timeline.”
  3. Then click the “set customization options” link and use a reasonable height (500 pixels or so) and a width of 280 pixels if the widget will be in the sidebar. Click the “Update” button.
  4. Then click the “Copy Code” button and paste that into your Text Area Snippet on your SwimTopia site (see the instruction on the main Embed a Widget page).
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