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You can embed your team’s Google calendar on any page of your website. You shouldn’t use a private calendar because there’s no way for your SwimTopia site to know who should have access to your Google calendar and the contents may not show if visitors aren’t signed in to the Google calendar already.

We recommend setting your SwimTopia page to the "full_width" template, as calendars can be wide and may get cut off if there is sidebar content in the way.

On your Google Calendar page:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. select the calendar you want to embed
  3. Go to the “Integrate calendar” section of your Google Calendar’s settings
  4. Copy the code in the “Embed Code” section (begins with “<iframe”) to your clipboard OR
  5. Click “Customize” and set any options you care to
  6. Copy the code from the “Copy and paste the HTML below to include this calendar on your webpage” box to your clipboard. 

On your SwimTopia page:

  1. Create or Edit a Text Area Snippet
  2. Click the “HTML” tool (looks like </>)
  3. Paste the code you copied from the Google calendar settings above into your Snippet’s HTML tool field
  4. Click “Update”


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