School Year Athlete Groups

School Year Athlete Groups are are used to group high school or middle school athletes by grade. 

Using School Year Athlete Groups, you can:

  • Customize the names and abbreviation codes used for each grade
  • Send group emails using the age group name as a mailing list 


Managing School Year Athlete Groups

We offer pre-defined School Year Athlete Groups, but you may edit these  groups or add new ones. To manage your School Year Athlete Groups, go to Manage Team > Settings > School Year Athlete Groups. 


To edit an existing school year group, click on that group name or the "Edit" button next to the name.  To delete a school year group, hover your mouse over the grey "Remove" button, and it should turn red; click on "Remove" to delete the age group.  To add a new school year group, click on the green "Add School Year Group" button near the top of the screen. 

Sending Email to School Year Age Groups  

From Communications you can click on “Compose Message” and start typing the name of the school year group you want to email and you’ll be offered a drop down list with matching selections (e.g. start typing “Se” and you'll see "Senior").

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