Team Meet Entry Preferences

When you define your team's Meet Entry Preferences, all new meets will automatically be set up with these preferences.  You can change the preference settings on a meet-by-meet basis if needed.

Setting Your Meet Entry Preferences

  • Go to Manage Team > Settings > Meet Entry Preferences
  • Select the appropriate settings
  • Click "Save"



Participation Assumption

Assume "undeclared" athletes will not/will be participating in the meet
If "attending" is selected, undeclared athletes will appear on the meet participant report and will be eligible to be included in relays.

Sign-up Options

Ask whether athletes will be "attending/not attending" or "available for/not available for" the meet
For some meets (especially those that have qualifying times), coaches need to know who will be available rather than who's attending

Allow parents/athletes to select/suggest individual events
If checked, allows parents/swimmers to indicate which individual events they want to swim at the upcoming meet via online meet entry.  If not checked, parents will declare meet attendance without selecting any swim events.

Allow parents/athletes to indicate their availability for relays
If checked parents will be prompted to indicate their availability to swim relays

Include options to indicate availability for early and late relays
If checked, parents will be prompted to indicate if they will be arriving late or leaving early; if so, they will be ineligible for the corresponding relays

Require an explanation if athlete indicates they will not be available for a relay
If an athlete indicates they won't be available for a relay, this setting will require they leave a note for the coach with the explanation of why they aren't available.  This discourages opting out of relays for mere convenience.

Allow opting-out of swim-up relay entries
If checked, allow parents/athletes 

Allow parents/athletes to include additional notes to the coach
If checked, and text box will be provided to allow parents/swimmers to include a note to accompany their meet declaration. 

Prompt for job sign-ups during meet declaration 
Will remind parents to sign up for jobs (if job signups are open) when they sign up for meet entries.

Relay Generation

Freestyle relay order strategy
Specify the desired order of swimmers on the freestyle relays from fastest (1) to slowest (4)

Automatically swim-up athletes up to X years younger to fill relay teams
Auto-fill relays with younger athletes, designate how much younger they can be

Only swim-up if no other athletes in the event age-group are available
Only add swim-up athletes to the relay if there are no other athletes available from that relay's age group


Applying Team Meet Entry Preferences to an Existing Meet

You can apply your Meet Entry Preferences to an existing meet: 

  • Go to Manage Team > Schedule > [meet name] > Meet Setup > Preferences
  • Click on the "Actions" button
  • Select "Apply Team Preferences"



Editing Meet Entry Preferences within a Meet

Even when the Meet Entry Preferences are applied to a meet, you can edit the preferences on a meet-by-meet basis. 

  • Go to Manage Team > Schedule > [meet name] > Meet Setup > Preferences 
  • Make your edits to the Preferences
  • Click "Save"


Updating Team Preferences from an Existing Meet

If you've made edits to the Preferences of a meet, you can save those preferences as your Team Meet Entry Preferences.

  • Go to Manage Team > Schedule > [meet name] > Meet Setup > Preferences
  • Click on the "Actions" button
  • Select "Update Team Preferences"


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