Athlete Roster Groups

Athlete roster groups are user-defined groups that help you assign athletes to arbitrary groups, with an optional suggested age-range when needed. Teams who have had to use multiple registration forms can now combine complicated swimmer group combinations and fees into one form.

Using athlete groups, you can:

  • Collect and charge special registration fees for each group
  • Assign group tags
  • Send group emails using the group name as a mailing list 

Enable/disable Athlete Roster Groups by using the slider button in Manage Team > Settings > Athlete Roster Groups.

When enabled, roster groups are available to use in Registration, People, and Communications, in addition to the default age/gender groups created when athletes register or are imported.

Any groups you have created are available to enable during registration. The suggested age range controls which groups are offered for athletes in your registration form. You can set optional group-specific fees, and allow no groups to be selected ("none" option). When none are selected, all default registration fees will apply.



Athletes assigned to groups that are set as non-competitive (i.e. does not compete in meets) will not appear on meet roster exports or be available to sign up for meet events.

Roster groups are automatically addressable when composing a new message in Communications.  

Athlete Roster Groups assigned during registration are included in the Download Athlete Data (csv) report for each registration form. We are working on getting more formatted reports for groups available as well.  

See the Athlete Groups section tutorial for more information about assigning groups during registration.

See the Athlete Roster Groups Overview for a general discussion about how and when to use Athlete Roster Groups





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