Payment Section

 Select Payment from the menu to configure how new registrations will be paid.


SwimTopia offers several Payment Options for registration payments: 

  • Credit Card (processing through your SwimTopia site via WePay)
  • Check
  • Private account (club or personal payment)
To enable payment through any of these options, click Enable this section and enter a page title and any descriptive text or payment policies.


Discount Codes

Discount codes are defined per registration form, not per team, and are not copied with registration forms.
You can specify any number of discount codes. Each must have a unique code (per registration form) and a discount amount. They can also have a description and an optional  "limit" which will limit  the number of times the discount code can be used.
Only ONE discount code may be added per registration, and it cannot be removed a once it is added during checkout.
discount code is considered "used" when the registration is completed (first come, first served).

Credit Card Processing with WePay

To accept credit card payments through WePay, click the Enable payment via credit card (using WePay as processor) checkbox. With WePay, secure card number input and approval will take place on the payment page of your registration form, and your users never have to leave your site. After successful processing, your users will recieve a confirmation page as well as an email receipt.

If you have not yet setup a WePay account, click the Setup WePay button to complete setup through your SwimTopia site.

» See the WePay Configuration tutorial for account setup instructions.

Once your account is configured and active, return to your registration form Payment page, where you will see a message that your WePay account is setup. 


Checks and Private Payments

To allow check or other private payments, click Accept Check (offline) payments and enter your check payee and address information.
To allow payments to other accounts, such as a club or pool member number, click Enable private account and enter an account title. Your users will be able to enter their own account number during registration. 
Click Save to save your changes and move on to the next section.

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