League Meet Schedule

The league can set up the meet schedule, designating the date, start time, visiting and home teams, and course for each team in the league. The meets for each team will then automatically appear on the their individual schedules while all the meets for all the teams will appear on the league’s schedule. All the teams in the league must be SwimTopia teams as well.

Note: Having the default events set up before having your meet schedule imported is highly recommended.

See also: Default Event Template

League Meet Schedule file

Connecting meets from the league to the teams requires using a league meet schedule file (meet_schedule.csv). When the league has also had a Default Event Template set up, the meets created by importing the League Meet Schedule will also have the default events (highly recommended). 

You can open the csv file in a spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet to make it easier to enter the information.

In this file there are the following columns (don’t include the quotes when entering the information):

MeetDate: enter the meet date in m/d/yyyy format, e.g., “7/8/2018”
MeetStart: enter the meet start time in h:mm pm/am format, e.g., “9:00 am”
HomeTeam: enter the home team’s abbreviation, up to 5 characters maximum, e.g., “PELA”
enter the visiting team’s abbreviation, up to the 5 character maximum, e.g., “MOSA”
SwimCourse: the three letter code for the meet’s course, one of the following—“SCY” (for Short Course Yards), “SCM” (for Short Course Meters), or “LCM” (for Long Course Meters)
MeetName: optional, if left blank will display (Visiting Team’s Abbreviation) Visiting Team’s Full Name at (Home Team’s Abbreviation) Home Team’s Full Name on the league and team Schedule pages
Location: optional, if left blank will show the home team’s full name on the league and team Schedule pages
Team3, Team4: 
optional additional teams for tri-meets and other meets with more than two teams. Add as many “Team” columns (Team5 and so on) as you need for invitationals and so forth.

Use one row of the spreadsheet for each meet.

Once you have each meet entered on the spreadsheet, send the file to your friendly SwimTopia Customer Happiness team via [email protected]. Importing this file should be quick.

Meets Created

League Schedule

The League’s Schedule page will list every meet for every member team as defined in the file and will indicate the scoring status of the meet if scoring is enabled for the league.


Each meet’s name will follow the same pattern:

(Visiting Team’s Abbreviation) Visiting Team’s Full Name at (Home Team’s Abbreviation) Home Team’s Full Name

The location will be the home team’s full name if the location is not set in the import file.

The date, time, and course will be as defined in the import file.

Team Schedule

The same will be true on each team’s schedule page. Only the meets that a team is a competitor in will appear.


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