Meet Maestro Results Entry

Continuous Auto-Save

All changes made in Meet Maestro are automatically saved as you go. You’ll notice saving activity indicated in the heat/lane bar. When you see a green “Saved” checkmark, you can be assured your data is saved and up-to-date.



Data Entry Shortcuts/Tips

  • When inputting times you don't need to type punctuation: e.g. typing '12345' will turn into "1:23.45". Typing incorrect punctuation will automatically correct (e.g. “104.56” auto-translates to “1:04.56").
  • Hitting 'enter' or ‘tab’ on the number keypad will go to the next input field.
  • Once you’ve finished entering data for a full heat or lane (depending on the mode you’re using), you can move to the next heat or lane by hitting “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) and the left/right arrow keys.
  • You can move between events on the schedule by hitting “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) and the up/down arrow keys.
  • Inputting "DQ" or even just “D” or "Q" will trigger the DQ entry window (not case sensitive).
  • Enter N or NS for “No Show,” F or DNF for “Did Not Finish,” and S or SCR for “Scratch” (not case sensitive).
  • If there is a blue outline around a time entry box, the system thinks you are still editing that time. Be sure to click the cursor out of a time entry box when you’ve finished entering a heat or lane so the event is considered complete.
  • If you don’t enter a time or code for a swimmer, the event won’t be considered complete and will not be scored. To complete an event, every swimmer must have either a time or a code (NS, DQ etc.).


Data Entry Warnings

Invalid Time: If the time entered is considered invalid, the software highlights the time box to alert the admin to make an edit.


Display Warning or Discard Times: When entering times in “3 Watches” mode, the “official time” is calculated based on the league rules in the Seeding and Scoring Rules section of the Meet Template.


If “Display Warning” is selected in the template, the software will place a orange background in the box with the time that is out of acceptable tolerance, but the official time will continue to follow the rules outlined in the template. An admin can then decide how to edit or delete the time that is out of tolerance.

Tip: Hovering over the box will display a warning message to explain the issue.

If “Automatically Discard” is selected in the template, the software will place a grey background in the box with the time that is discarded for being out of the acceptable tolerance, and the official time will be the average of the other two watches.



Hidden Times: Sometimes teams switch how many watches they use to enter times during the meet. If an official time was calculated using more watches than are visible in the interface, the software will display an exclamation mark next to the Watch 1 time. The exclamation point highlights a possible discrepancy between the Watch 1 time displayed and the official time (which is used for results, and placing/scoring as dictated by the league’s scoring rules).



Disqualifications (DQ)

Checking the “DQ” box next to the time entry interface opens a window to check the DQ Reason.

Tip: You can also type either DQ , D or Q (not case sensitive) in the “official time” box, then hit enter (or click elsewhere on the screen), and the window to check the DQ Reason will open.

Select the DQ Reason (or click the “No Reason” button if no reason is specified), then click “OK” to save the DQ.

When entering a DQ for a multi-leg event such as a Relay or the Individual Medley, if a leg-specific stroke infraction is selected, you will be prompted to enter a secondary DQ Reason for that leg.

Tip: Hovering your mouse over the DQ checkbox or DQ Code, will display a pop-up summary listing all selected DQ Reasons.



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