Calendar Display Mode

The schedule or event calendar page has two different types of display options: "Current Season Only" and "All Upcoming/Past Events." Each option has its own way to show events to the public or team depending on privacy setting.

Current Season Only

This display mode will show all the events listed in the current season's time range, if an event is outside of the start and end dates of the current season it will not be shown. The events are listed in chronological order from oldest to newest. Up to 12 events will be displayed at a time, 'Previous' and 'Next' links at the bottom will refresh to a new page with older or newer events depending on if the 'Previous' or 'Next' link was clicked.    

Example of Current Season only while current season is set to 2017 


All Upcoming/Past Events

This display mode will show events in two ways: Upcoming Events and Past Events. Upcoming Events will display all events that are after or during the current day, in chronological order from current to future.

Past Events will display all events that happened before the current day, in reverse chronological order from most recent to least recent. Both versions will display up to 12 events at a time per page. 'Previous' and 'Next' links at the bottom will refresh to a new page with older or newer events depending on if the 'Previous' or 'Next' link was clicked.    

Example of Upcoming Events when no future events are set


Example of Past Events with a history of events


Previous and Next links at the bottom of the Past Events page


Changing the Calendar page setting

These display modes can be altered by going to the Edit Navigation option from the admin dropdown menu, or going to Website after clicking Manage Team from that same dropdown menu. This will take you to the pages section. You want to find the page with a gear icon next to the title that could be called schedule or a custom name your team gave the page. The best way to find the page is that it will go to (team domain) . Click on the "Properties" option on the right side of that page's bar. 


The calendar page will have an extra property that other pages will not, the calendar display mode area. This is where you can set the two different modes. 


Once the mode you prefer has been set, hit the save button and the settings will take effect.


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