Managing Registration Waiting Lists

Many swim teams have limits on the number of swimmers that can
join the team for any given season due to league rules or
logistical restrictions on the number of lane-hours available for
practice during the week.

SwimTopia supports registration limits both on the overall team
size and on the number of athletes per age group.

A waiting list can be configured using a combination of a Private
Registration Form and Registration Limits. This article explains
how to set up a wait list.

Step 1: Create a private "Wait List" form

Create a separate registration form for your wait list. Generally this form will only
collect contact information. Wait listed parents usually are not expected to sign-up for volunteer shifts or pay a fee (although if you wanted to collect a waitlist fee, you could). In most cases, you should disable all other form sections
except the 'Main' contact information section (which cannot be disabled anyway).

Click on the "Edit Registration Limits" button and select only registrants via this form.  If you have unlimited spots on your wait list, leave the registration limits blank.  If you'd like to limit the number of athletes on your wait list, you can enter registration limits here.

If you need to collect additional information from waitlist registrants you can add
Custom Questions and/or Acknowledgement Sections to this form.

The more important configuration for this form is to make sure
the "This form is private" box is checked. This will hide this
wait list form from the public, while allowing you to share
a secret link to those you want to use this form.

Step 2: Configure your registration limits on your main form

One you have a wait list form in place (from Step 1), now it's time to
configure the registration limits on your main form.

Click the "Edit Registration Limits" button and then enter an overall
registration limit (if desired). You can also add registration limits
by age group.

Note that these limits work in concert with each other. For example, if your
per age-group limits add up to more than your overall limit, then when
your overall limit is reached, no additional registrations will be accepted.

Step 3: Link to the Wait List in the registration limit message

When setting up your registration limits, you also have the option of adding
a "Registration Limit Message". This message will be shown when either the
overall registration limit, or any of the age-group limits has been reached.

In this form you should include a link to your private wait list form, as shown
the in the example below:

Parents visiting the form will be shown this message before they register
their swimmers. In addition, if any age groups are already full, a message will
be shown indicated they are sold out. This way a parent does not need to go
through the trouble of filling out the registration form only to find out the
group is full after submitting their data.

As registrations come in they will be collected under the corresponding registration form. This makes it easy to know who is registered via the wait list and who is registered via the 'main' form.

Note: Every family in the "Pending" or "Approved" status of a registration form is considered active on your rosters, thus can be entered for meets, assigned to jobs, and receive email from the site. You can click "Reject" on these individual wait-list registrations to make them inactive, and then move them back to "Pending" when you are ready to email them to invite them to join the team (see Step 4).

Step 4: Invite wait listed parents to register

Generally you will invite wait listed parents to register after the main
registration period has closed. If this is the case, then the easiest way
to do this is to leave your main registration form open, but mark it as private
so the general public cannot use it to register.

Then you can adjust or remove the registration limits on the main form to make
room for waitlisted families, as necessary.

Alternatively, if you want to allow waitlisted parents to register while the
main registration is open you can copy your main registration form, set the copied
form to be private, and adjust or remove registration limits as necessary.

Once you have a main registration form ready for waitlisted registrants, you simply
email them the secret link to the private registration form to complete their registration.


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    Laura Bess-McDonald

    If you follow these directions, the people on the wait list appear in your all of your athlete reports, with no way to differentiate in the reports between them and your paid swimmers.

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