View/Edit Completed Registrations

To view your team's completed registration forms and payments, select Registration in the Manage Team console.


» See Creating a New Registration Form for instructions if you have not created any forms yet.

Registration Forms

For each form listed, you will see a number tally of registrations that have been entered. Click this tally or the View Registrations button to list them.


Registration Status

Completed and paid registrations are automatically marked as Pending until you manually accept payment or reject each one individually. 


To accept Check or Private payments, click the Accept Payment button and enter the amount. 


Click the Save button to enter the payment and mark this registration as Approved.

» Note: Automatically approve WePay (or PayPal for older accounts) Credit Card payments by clicking this preference box on Payment: Payment Options screen when you set up your registration form:

You can delete the associated payment record on both pending and approved registrations by clicking the Reject button. You might need to delete a payment if the registration amount due was changed after payment was made, or if a payment was incorrect.


Rejected registrations are not deleted, but saved to the Rejected status without any associated payments.

» To completely delete a registration, see the Editing Registrations section below.


Click the Revert to Pending to change the status back to Pending so that you can then go back to accept and enter a new payment amount. 

Editing Registrations

View and edit registration details or delete entire registrations by clicking the View/Edit link.


Each form's completed timestamp, registration number and current status will be displayed in the top right box.

Each section of the registration form can be edited, except the Payment TYPE (payment amounts of the same type can be changed, see above).

Click the green Edit button under each section to make changes.

For example, here you can add or remove swimmers from one family's registration. 


Click Save Changes to save and go back to the registration form. 

» Note: Adding or removing swimmers will allow you to enter new merchandise orders for that swimmer and will add the appropriate swimmer fee. These changes will affect the total payment due, so make these changes before accepting payments (above). 

Edit Merchandise Orders

Any item totals added or removed here will be reflected in the Amount Due subtotal on this screen, and on the Download Registration Data (csv) export available for each form.

Changes to Amount Due

If you change a registration by removing or adding an athlete or any merchandise items that results in a change to the amount owed for that registration, you’ll need to collect or refund the difference “manually.” There’s no way, for example, to charge the customer’s card for the difference. You can get WePay to issue a partial refund, you’ll need to contact WePay’s Help Center.

Conditional Fees

When conditional fees are collected in an acknowledgement section during registration, you have the option to either Capture or Release that fee at any time. See the Conditional Fees tutorial for more information. 

Registration Reports and Exports

You can download exports of your registration, athlete, merchandise and email data from your completed forms to use with a custom spreadsheet or database.


For example, if your registration form collects member's HOA or residence account number, you can use the Registration Data export to create a report to deliver to your HOA.

Other useful reports can be found in the Reports section of the Manage Team console.


These reports can generate customized data by season. 


➞ See the Sending Email to Groups tutorial to see how you can use the Athlete Count by Age Group report to email specific practice groups.

Reject or Remove?

Use “Reject” unless the registration is a test or completely in error. Rejected registrations can be changed back to an active one, but Removed registrations cannot be recovered.

Delete test or accidental registrations and associated payments completely, click the Remove Registration button.


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