Automatic Relay Generation and Settings

Relay selection is completely configurable so that you can generate all relays for an entire meet with the click of a button. By changing the relay entries settings, you help SwimTopia decide what order the swimmers are placed in your relays.

In each meet's Entries > Relay Entries > Settings, you can:

  • Specify how many relay teams you would like per event (e.g. A, B and C)
  • Specify your preferred "freestyle relay order" to control the order in which the kids swim based on their relative times
  • Control when/if swimmers should "swim-up" to fill out relay teams in older age-groups and under which conditions.

Once your settings are in place, click the Generate Relay Teams button to have SwimTopia automatically assign the fastest combination of swimmers for all the relay events in a meet. 

SwimTopia automatically picks the fastest 'A' relay from available athletes, then the fastest 'B' relay from the remaining athletes and so on, based on your swimmers' times and your relay settings entered.

SwimTopia also scales times if a swimmer has a recent individual time in the same stroke but a different distance than the relay leg, SwimTopia will automatically scale the time up or down, to get an estimated time for the desired relay leg distance.

Relay teams can be edited to add/remove swimmers (and specify swim-up ages), change the relay order, rearrange swimmers within the relay, enter custom seed times, and to mark a relay as an exhibition entry if necessary. 

Available swimmers for any relay, based on your relay and meet entries settings, are shown (if available) in the pane on the left. If they are not available to assigned to the relay, they are dimmed.

Swimmers currently assigned to the relay are shown in the pane on the right. "Locked" relays will not be changed when the Generate Relay Teams button is used again. 

 » For more information about Swim-Ups, see our article on Swim-Ups for Individual and Relay Entries.

See this video for a quick demonstration of how relay generation and the relay editor work.


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