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Managing Online Store Orders



  • Elsa Kayuha

    Can open orders be cancelled or edited? That would be helpful.

  • Marki C

    At this time we do not wish to use WePay but would like to use the merchandise shop as an order form for the team to order from.  How can we make this happen?


  • Mia Kruger

    I have the same question as Marki, is it possible to use the merchandise shop without a WePay account?

  • Lorin Rivers

     Mia and Marki, at the moment, WePay is the only payment method that works with the Online Store, sorry for the inconvenience. Also, only team members can order from the Online Store.

  • Fasulo09

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  • Dennis Drake


    I need a way to delete a couple of archived items. There a times when an item was created, and it was just easier to start anew, rather than edit, especially if I was playing around with options and testing how merchandise features might work. Also, I may need to delete an archived order if it was made by mistake and the parent volunteer prefers to handle team orders another way. That is, with parent volunteers changing often, it sometimes is just easier to let them use their own system to track orders rather than train each on Swimtopia or fix mistakes they made, especially if they are tech averse or only use the system once per year. So, in these cases, it's just easier to be able to delete items as the admin.

    Another feature we DEFINITELY need, is the ability to alter, delete, or modify orders people made. For example if 2 shirts were ordered, but only meant to order 1; or as an admin, I tested a feature to ensure it works and that it was set up correctly before going live, but now we have orders that aren't real we can't delete, or if the wrong option was chosen. At the very least, and admin should be able to make changes when necessary.

    ONE more feature request: TRACK ORDERS by items. Currently, items are just numerically ordered. So, please allow me to organize by item, change, or delete.

    Thanks, :)



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