Merchandise Reports - Orders Placed through Registration and the Online Store

Merchandise orders can occur in two places on your SwimTopia site: 

  • On your Registration Form
  • In your Online Store 

To run reports on your merchandise orders, you'll need to run two different sets of reports to capture orders through your registration form and your online store. (Unfortunately, at this time SwimTopia does not offer integrated reporting for both kinds of sales)


Reporting on Registration Merchandise Orders

You can run reports on your registration merchandise orders in two different locations in SwimTopia:  from the Registration page or from the Reports page.


Registration Merchandise Reports from the Registration Page

You can download a CSV report from the Registration page of your registration form.  Go to Manage Team > Registration > [name of the registration form].  Then click on "Download Merchandise Order Data (csv)" (also, selecting "Download Registration Data" will give you ALL of your registration details, including merchandise orders).

Note:  this report only shows merchandise orders that were placed through the registration form.


Registration Merchandise Reports from the Reports Page

You can also run registration merchandise reports from the Reports page:


Go to Manage Team > Reports > [report name].  Make your selection criteria, then click on "Generate Report."

You will see your report displayed on your screen, and you can either print the report or download the data to a csv file.


Note:  all of the Merchandise reports on the Reports page only show merchandise orders that were placed through the registration form. To see merchandise orders that were placed through your Online Store, see the next section.


Reporting on Online Store Merchandise Orders

Go to Manage Team > Merchandise > Orders to view orders, update order status, and print order reports for orders that were placed through your Online Store.



There are three different reports you can run: Order Detail (Pack List), Item Summary (Pick List), and Order Pick-up Checklist reports.

Check the box next to one or more orders (or select ALL orders by checking the box in the header line) and a "Run Report" box will appear.  When you click on "Run Report," you'll be given a choice of reports. 



The Order Detail Report (Pack List) report includes a receipt summary for each order selected, and prints one order per page. 



The Item Summary Report (Pick List) report lists the total item quantities for the orders selected. 


The Order Pick-up Checklist report lists each order by order number and customer, and includes a CSV export for custom reporting.



Remember, the orders listed on the reports in the Merchandise section are only those that have been placed in your Online Store.  To run reports for merchandise that was ordered during the Registration process, see the sections at the top of this article.

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