Adding League Waivers and Fees to Your Team’s Registration Form

SwimTopia offers a feature to integrate league waiver sections into your team's registration form. These waiver sections can include fees to be paid directly to your league, should your league require it. (see more about league fees below).  If your league has a SwimTopia site and has added shared waivers for its teams, here's how to integrate them into your registration form:


To Set Up Your Registration Form

  1. Create a new registration form.
  2. At the very bottom of the “Main Registration” section on the first page of your form you’ll see your league's waiver sections as greyed-out sections under “Shared Form Sections” Registration_-_League_Ackn_-_Shared_Form_Section.png
  3. Select the section you'd like to include and click “Add to Form.”
  4. Once added to your form, the section will appear yellow. You cannot edit the shared form section, but there are two more choices you can make:
    • “Display Order” – the shared form section will drop in at the bottom of your form, but if you’d like it to display higher for your team members as they register you can pick where you’d like it to display.
    • “Exclude non-competitive athletes from fee calculations” (if there are league fees associated with this section) – your league will have set it up to default one way or another. If they allow you to change this setting, you'll be able to check or uncheck the box (some leagues may not allow their teams to change this setting).Registration_-_League_Ackn_-_Admin_View_after_added.png


Note: if the league changes a shared acknowledgement section, and if your team has already added that section to your registration form, your form will show a warning saying that the Shared Form Section is out date, prompting you to delete and re-add the section to your form. 


More about Non-Competitive Athletes

If you have a selection of (usually) young swimmers that don’t compete in meets you can set up a group using “Athlete Roster Groups” and check the box “This group does not compete in swim meets” to make the group Non-Competitive (learn more about Athlete Roster Groups). When parents select a ‘non-competitive’ athlete roster group for one or more of their swimmers during registration, the above settings will determine whether they'll be charged league registration fees at checkout.

League Fees

If your league has set up this section with league fees, ideally, your league will have created their own WePay account in their SwimTopia league website. Any league fees collected through WePay during your team’s registration will automatically go to your league's WePay account.

Something to consider BEFORE you get started.

  • Forms of Payment: the league registration integration will go most smoothly if you choose to accept ONLY WePay credit card transactions during registration. You are welcome to accept checks or membership numbers during registration, or any combination of those payments methods. However, if you accept forms of payment other than WePay, you’ll need to calculate the league fees owed to your league through your SwimTopia “Registration Details” report and pay those to your league separately. Learn more about setting up WePay.

Note: if you have set up a "Maximum charge per registration," the maximum only applies to the registration fees.  Any fees charged in the acknowledgement section and league fees that are charged from the "shared form section" will not apply to the maximum charge per registration.



Note – during the registration process, just as your team parents don’t see fee information as they add athletes to their registration form, they will not see the fees they are being charged for league registration. We suggest including league fee information on your website and in your communication, wherever you discuss the team fees, so parents are prepared.

At the end of the registration process, when they come to their confirmation screen, your team parents will see a line item for league fees:



Details about what was paid to your leauge, and what is still owed (for those that accepted non-WePay forms of payment), can be found in the CSV Download of the “Registration Details / Data Export” report (found under Manage Team > Reports > Registration).

If your league has not set up a WePay account, you'll use these reports to determine what you owe them for all league fees collected.

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