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Meet Results: Manually Entering and Editing



  • David Boyd

    Lorin, is there a way to change the order of the events left to right in this screen?  Some of our teams have them ordered differently and I'm not sure how.

  • Dennis Drake


    I thought lead off legs could be recorded as individual best times for swimmers. When there are meets in which touch pads are used, I'd like the lead off legs to either count as individual events for Best Times reports, or for me to be able to record it somewhere. 

    Also, how can I edit relay results?

    There are some rare occasions where I've needed to input lead off leg splits or correct a final relay time, and I'd like to have that option.  :)



  • Tracy Nelson

    Currently, we only handle splits automatically when they’re in a Team Manager export when you imported your times histories.  However, we are unable to capture relay splits from a Meet Manager results import.


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