How do I add a coach to my team?

How do I give my coaches access to our team website?

Here are several options for adding coaches:

  1. Add the coach as a "New Parent" and then grant admin access from their profile. An email address is required and an activation link will be sent immediately so that they can create a password and login to the site.
  2. If the coach is a former swimmer, we can add them as an admin-only account (#2 above) and then merge them with their existing athlete account.
  3. If the coach is a current swimmer, you can add an affiliation for the current season from their People account. This will place them in your athlete roster and meet entry matrix for your current season. Note: If you edit an account for older coaches (born before 1995), their birth year will be saved as 2001. This is a known issue and we are working on a fix. Contact SwimTopia support if you need any user's birthday corrected.
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    mary dolan

    How does #2 work here? Do you add them as an admin only or can I? And then how do you merge?

    Thanks in advance.

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