Discount Codes

Registration forms now have discount code support. 

This new option can be found in the Payment section of your Registration Form.
Discount codes are defined per registration form, not per team, and are not copied with registration forms.
You can specify any number of discount codes in a form. Each must have a unique code (per registration form) and a discount amount. They can also have a description seen by users during checkout. 
You can set an optional “limit” which will restrict the number of times the discount code can be used to the number that you set. This limit is per code, not per family, so if one user registers twice using the same form, they can also checkout with the same code twice. In other words, if the limit is 10, that code can be used 10 times for that registration form in total. In the above example, if there were 10 board members, then the limit of 10 is a good choice. If you don’t know how many will be used, don’t set a limit.
Only ONE discount code may be applied to a user's amount due at checkout, and it cannot be removed a once it is applied.
discount code is considered "used" when the registration checkout is completed and confirmed (first come, first served).
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