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If you will be offering team items such as t-shirts, team suits or personalized caps for sale during registration, you must first add these items in the Merchandise section of the Manage Team console. 

When you are done adding items and options, go back to Registration, click Edit next to the form you were working on, and click the Merchandise section to continue. 


To allow the pre-order and purchase of your merchandise items during registration, click Enable this section. 

Add a title for this section and any description needed.


You can offer items for sale by adding a Merchandise Offer for any item you already have created in the Merchandise section.

Athlete Merchandise Offers

Athlete Merchandise Offers are are automatically limited to a quantity of one per athlete.  If each athlete is eligible for a merchandise item, such as a free team t-shirt or personalized swim cap, you can set up these items here, and parents will be prompted to order up to one for each athlete they're registering. If parents can buy more than one of something, such as a team towel or swim cap, these items should be set up in the next section, "Additional Merchandise Offers."  If you'd like to ensure that each swimmer receive an item, but then more of that item are for sale, you'd set up the item as both an Athlete Merchandise Offer (i.e., team t-shirt with a price override of $0.00, and then Additional Merchandise Offer of the same shirt at its regular price.

For example, to add a free t-shirt per athlete to your registration form:

  • Click Add Athlete Merchandise Offer and select your t-shirt item from the selection list.
  • Check the Override price option and enter "0" to make the athlete t-shirt free.
  • To ensure each athlete selects a t-shirt size (as set up in "options" when you create this merchandise item), check the Require selection box. 



Additional Merchandise Offers

Additional Merchandise Offers can be ordered in any quantity for each option. 

To control the order in which the items are displayed on the form, input a numeric value into the Display order field.

When you are done adding items for sale, click Save to move on to the next section.

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