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Can we use SwimTopia to run our swim meets?

SwimTopia is a web-based swim team management platform. Web-based software like SwimTopia is not a great fit for running meets, given that many pools have shoddy/slow internet connections. For this reason, the vast majority of our customers use Hy-Tek Meet Manager to run their meets on deck, to create lane assignments, heat sheets, and award labels. 

Is SwimTopia is compatible with all the older versions of Meet Manager?

SwimTopia is compatible with Hy-Tek Meet Manager 2.0 and above. The current Meet Manager version is 6.0

How do I export meet entries and team rosters for Meet Manager?

Export Meet Entries

SwimTopia meet entries import directly into Hy-Tek Meet Manager for seeding and heat sheet generation.

SwimTopia is compatible with Meet Manager version 2.0 and above. The current version of Meet Manager is 6.0.  

From Manage Team > Schedule > Meet > Entries > Export, download the Meet Entries (.zip compressed .hy3 format) file to your local drive.


Next, follow the instructions found in the Meet Manager User Guide (version 6.0) to use this file to create your heat sheet. 

Export Team Roster

Follow the instructions above to download your complete Team Roster (.zip compressed .hy3 file) for Meet Manager or Team Manager.

Rosters can also be downloaded in .hy3 file format from the Athlete Roster report in Manage Team > Reports

Seed times and Team Manager compatibility

When importing entries into Team Manager, seed times will not be extracted from the entries file. Team Manager will instead look first to the database of times already loaded into Team Manager.

Team Manager matches swimmers to times in its database using the exact full name (including middle initial) of the swimmer plus date of birth. If some swimmers do not have seed times after importing entries into Team Manager, that would indicate that either (a) Team Manager does not have any times/results for those swimmers or (b) the names or birthdates do not match exactly (most commonly this is due to different middle initial or first name). 

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