Meet Maestro User Interface

We've worked hard to create a user-friendly interface to help you run your meets more efficiently.

Event Status Bar 


The left sidebar in Meet Maestro provides an at-a-glance summary of the event status in the meet. Each colored cell represents a single event (for example “Boys 11-12 50yd Backstroke”).

The dark blue lines between cells are a visual indicator of a change in the stroke or event type (e.g. there is a dark blue bar between relays and freestyle events, then there is another blue bar between the freestyle and backstroke events, etc.).

  • Green cells indicate events that are “scored” (all data used for scoring has been entered).
  • Yellow cells indicate events with partially complete data (be sure to click the cursor away from all time entry boxes when you’ve finished entering each heat or lane so the event status cell turns green when all times for an event have been entered).
  • Blue cells indicate events have not yet started.
  • White cells indicate an “unseeded” event with no entries (rare).

Tip: Hovering your mouse over an Event Status Bar cell will reveal more details about the corresponding event, including the event name, status, and the number of heats and entries.


You can click on any of the cells to go directly to that event. 

The event number is shown prominently in the upper left corner of the screen.  You can use the up/down arrows to the left of the event number to progress forward or backwards through the events.  Keyboard shortcuts:  “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) plus the up/down arrow keys.

Heat View and Lane View

You choose to display your event in either Heat View or Lane View by selecting the Heat or Lane tab at the top of your screen.

Heat View:

  • Heat number is displayed in the Heat tab.
  • Heats are shown in boxes below the event number. 
  • Each row displays the swimmers assigned to each lane for that heat. 
  • Easily move swimmers to different lanes within that heat by dragging and dropping the row to a new lane (hover over the left side of the row until your cursor looks like a cross).
  • Move between heats by clicking the left/right arrows next to the heat indicator in the Heat tab, or by hitting “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) and the left/right arrow keys.
  • If on the last heat, arrowing to the "next" heat will automatically take you to the next event. 

Lane View: 

  •  Lane number is displayed in the Lane tab.
  • All lanes are shown next to triangles (flags) below the event number. 
  • Each row displays the swimmers assigned to each heat within that lane. 
  • If timer sheets are printed by lane, this view will provide an efficient way to enter times as the timer sheets come in to the computer table.
  • Move between lanes by clicking the left/right arrows next to the lane indicator in the Lane tab, or by hitting “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) and the left/right arrow keys. 
  • If on the last lane, arrowing to the "next" lane will take you to the next event.


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