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We only support WePay for Registration and Online Store, but if you need to accept other payments (sponsorships, monthly payments, etc.) and have a PayPal account, here's how you can add a PayPal "Pay Now" button to have those payments go into your PayPal account:



This guide will show you how to make a button like the one pictured above, and then add the HTML code to make it display on your SwimTopia website. For this example, we will make a button that allows visitors to the site to purchase a team sponsorship. You can modify these instructions to suit your own needs.

Before you get started, create a new "Sponsorships" page to display your button, and then a new "Thank You" page in your website navigation that your users will be sent to after they checkout through PayPal. Make sure it is published but hidden from navigation. Once you have created that page, click on it and make a note of the URL -- you will need it later.

Make the button

Log in to your PayPal account, and from the Merchant Services menu click on the Create payment buttons for your website option. Several options and kinds of buttons will be listed. We will be creating a "Buy Now" button in Option 1, so click the blue Create a button button to get started.


PayPal will take you through three steps to create your button. Choose your options in Step 1 to control how your button will look and add any other fields needed.


In Step 2, save your button in your PayPal account, so that you can edit it later.


In Step 3, you can add a special message or instruction to the buyer. Here is where you will add the URL for your Thank You page as well. Make sure the URL that you enter here matches an existing URL on your website, so your buyers will not be redirected to a page that does not exist.


When you are done, click the Save Changes button.


Your button is done and is ready to be copied into your website. Verify the button with the Buyer's View preview on the right, and then follow the instructions to copy the HTML code to your clipboard. 



Adding your new button to your website

With your button code copied on your clipboard, go to your website and navigate to the new page where your button will be displayed. From the Manage Site menu at the top of the page, select Edit Page Content. Drag in a new Text Snippet and add a title, such as Sponsorships. Click the little HTML button in the text editing menu to get the HTML Source Editor window. Paste your button code into this window and click Update.


Your button code is now in the Text Snippet, so click Update to save it on your page. You can add any other text above or below this code if you like.



Your button is saved and ready to use. When visitors select options and click Pay Now, they will be taken to the PayPal website to complete payment. They will be redirected back to your site according to the settings you entered in button Step 3 above. Any inventory or  financial reports can be done via PayPal - SwimTopia does not keep track of any of these payments. 


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