Sponsors Snippet

SwimTopia Snippets allow you to add many different kinds of content to your website.  For more information about using Snippets, see our article, Working with Snippets to Create and Edit Page Content, or view our short video about Working with Snippets.

Sponsors Snippet


Manage how your team sponsors are displayed, based on their sponsorship category, using this snippet. 

For more information on setting up your team sponsors, see our Help Center article on Sponsorships.

Enter a heading for your Sponsor display and any other information in the text box.


Check which Sponsorship levels and image sizes (or no image) to display.

Your Sponsor logos will be linked automatically to the URL you store in their profile. 

Manage all of your sponsor companies and sponsorship levels in the Website tab of the Manage Team console, or by clicking Manage Sponsorships in the Sponsors snippet.


Click Create to save or Cancel to exit.


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