Recent News Snippet

SwimTopia Snippets allow you to add many different kinds of content to your website.  For more information about using Snippets, see our article, Working with Snippets to Create and Edit Page Content, or view our short video about Working with Snippets.

Recent News Snippet

The news snippet displays recent news posts in reverse order, with the latest one at the top. You create new news posts via Manage Site > Add News Post… For more information, see our Help Center article about managing News Posts.


Enter the number of posts you would like displayed.  


Click Create to save your changes or Cancel to exit.

When this snippet is used in "Page Content," it automatically displays each published news post with a brief entry and a link to read more:


When the snippet is used in a sidebar ("Edit Template Content"), only the title of the news posts will be displayed as a link, and users can click the title to read more:


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