Merchandise Offer Snippet

SwimTopia Snippets allow you to add many different kinds of content to your website.  For more information about using Snippets, see our article, Working with Snippets to Create and Edit Page Content, or view our short video about Working with Snippets.

Merchandise Offer

Merchandise Offer Snippet will be available to drag into any page on your website when the Online Store is enabled.

Select a Merchandise item, select an image display size and description display preference, and click the Create button.


This snippet uses items that are in your team catalog, which are managed in the Manage Team > Merchandise tab from the admin menu.

The item will be displayed with its image, name, price, and optional description (see above). You can add as many Merchandise Offer Snippets as you like to this page or any page or template on your site.

Shopping Cart

A compact Shopping Cart Snippet is available for templates only when the Online Store is enabled.

The Shopping Cart Snippet is only available from Manage Site > Edit Template Content in the admin menu.

Drag the Shopping Cart Snippet into any template, and click the Create button.


When items are in a user's Shopping Cart, this Snippet will display the name, image, and option selected for each item in the cart.

Clicking the View Cart button will send the user to the Shopping Cart page. 


When a user's Shopping Cart is empty, the snippet will display with an empty cart message.







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