Linking to Uploaded Files

How do I add a link to a file without a snippet?

The File Attachment snippet is the easiest way to add links to files for people to download from your website. But snippets are only available on website pages, not in registration forms, communications, news, or other team management areas.

You can add file download links to any available text editor field throughout the site using the following steps:

Step 1

If your file is not already online, you will need to upload it to your SwimTopia site. (If you are using an file already online, skip to Step 2.)

Login to your Admin account.

Go to Manage Team > Settings > Uploaded Files and click the Add File button.  

Click Choose File to select a file from your local drive.

Click Save to upload it.

Step 2

While still on your Uploaded Files page, right-click, Control-click (PC) or Command-click (Mac) on your uploaded file to get a contextual menu.

Select Copy Link to copy the location of the file to your clipboard.

Step 3

To add this link to a Text Area snippet, go to the web page you are editing, and select Manage Team > Edit Page Content

Click +Add Snippet, drag over a new Text Area snippet (or edit an existing snippet).

  1. Type and select the text you would like to be linked
  2. Click the Link button and select Insert Link from the menu
  3. Paste the link in the URL field, and then click Insert to save it.

The text in your snippet is now linked to the file you uploaded. 

You can edit the text and link by selecting the text, and then selecting "Edit Link" from the link button.

How do I add a link to our photo sharing website?

You can insert a link to your team photo albums stored on photo sharing websites into any Text Area snippet or News Post. 

First, copy and album link from your photo sharing website (Snapfish, Shutterfly, Flickr, Picasa, etc) to your clipboard. This link will usually be found under the sharing options for each album or photo.

(This example is from Snapfish:)


Next, create or edit a Text Area snippet or News Post. In the text editing window, click the Insert Link icon, and paste the URL that you just copied.


Enter a name for your album (i.e. "Team Photos") and click Insert.

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