Running Meet Maestro with CTS Dolphin Wireless Timing System

When "Colorado Time Systems Dolphin" is selected under Meet Maestro Settings (gear icon) > Timing Setup, an additional “CTS Dolphin" timing system bar is displayed in the data entry interface. This bar indicates the current Race number (mapping the current heat to the corresponding CTS Dolphin data file).

Note: See article on Meet Maestro Settings - Timing Setup for more details on setup requirements for the CTS Dolphin wireless timing system.


When new data files are detected for the corresponding race number, the button label will change from “Not Ready” to “Load Times.” Click the button to load the times for that race.


After clicking “Load Times”, if any times are missing, or if times are loaded for empty lanes, a warning message will be shown in the timing system bar.


Click the Race number in the timing system bar to update the race number for the current heat. This helps the meet software stay in sync with the data files generated by the CTS Dolphin wireless timing system.

Tip: Editing the race number to keep things in sync is useful if the race number is thrown off by something unusual, like a false start.






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