Flexible Permission System

Customized Permissions for your Roles

It’s a powerful, flexible and simple system for defining fine-grained permissions on a role-by-role basis.

You can grant Some administrative permissions to a role, which can apply to separate admin sections of your site. Any users assigned to that role will inherit the administrative permissions defined in that role. 

With Some administrative permissions selected, a role can be granted Read or Manage permissions for a dozen categories such as Registrations, Meet Entries or Website.

  • With Read access, a user will be able to find and view data and run reports in that category, but will be unable to make any changes.
  • With Manage access, the user can add data, make edits and delete data.
  • If the access in a given category is None, that category of information won't show up at all.

For example, a board role such as Treasurer might need manage access to People, Registrations, Sponsorships and Merchandise, but read-only access to the Schedule, Roles, Communications and Website. 

Such a configuration would look like this:



Keys and Crowns

Once you assign permissions to a role, and assign roles to a user, you want to be able to see at a glance which users have which permissions in the system. To provide that extra visibility we've added two new icons to our role tags to indicate which roles carry access permissions.

 crown icon  indicates the role/user has full admin access. 

 A key icon  indicates the role/user has some permissions.

Hovering over the role tag will show a summary of categories in which the role/user has read or manage permissions.

When necessary, a read only access reminder is shown to the user:


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    Dave Brown

    It would be helpful to expand the 'info' buttons for each of the tasks to have a full description of 3 permission levels.
    For trying to decide the initial permissions, it would be handy to have a basic template for a coach, meet director, similar to your example 'board member'. Incidentally, I wondered why a board member would need "manage" on People, or Registrations; if a specific board member required that, I'd say grant 'Admin'.

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