Assigning Volunteers to Roles

During registration, volunteers have the option of selecting job and role preferences. After registration is complete, admins can use the Role Assignments console to move volunteers into roles which require pre-approval or training (such as Stroke/Turn Judge) or season long roles such as a board position. It's also useful to assign them to Roles to make communication lists or to limit who can sign up for jobs when you create a meet or an event.  

➞ For more information about creating Roles, see the Defining Roles guide. 

➞ For more information about how to use Role assignments in event jobs, see the Jobs and Shifts guide. 


Click on the Roles tab in the Team Management console.


The roles you have created will be listed by name so that you can edit or remove them. A number count will appear next to each role with how many people are assigned / how many slots were given.

Click Assign Roles... on the top of the page above your roles list.



Your roles will be listed by name. Click on a role name to edit it. 

People that chose that role preference during registration as one of their 1st, 2nd or 3rd+ preferred jobs will appear in the Volunteer Role Preferences section.

You can move people from the preference section to the assigned section as needed. Click on the [x] next to a name to remove that person from the role and move them back to the preferences list. Or, click the blue Add/Remove button to assign or remove people to and from that role who might not have entered that role as a preference. 


Names will display as different text colors in this section based on any existing role assignments:
  • Blue means "not assigned any role"
  • Black means "assigned another role -- besides this one"
  • Gray means "already assigned this role"

Sort the preferences list by Registration Date so that you can give priority by their registration date.

The role assignments can be downloaded as a .csv file to view a spreadsheet of information including phone number, email, and connected athletes.  


Exempt Volunteers

You can use season-long Volunteer Exempt roles to pre-exempt certain people (e.g. President) from your sign-up requirements during registration. If any parent/volunteer in family/account signs up for, or is previously assigned to, a Role that is marked as exempt from volunteer requirements, the minimum volunteer commitment requirement will not apply, and they have the option to bypass the volunteering section during registration.

Using Roles in Communications

Once you have assigned volunteers to roles, you can send group emails based on the role name. For more information on using roles to send group emails, see the Sending Email to Groups tutorial. 




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