Team Registration for Parents

Once you have the go-ahead from your team to begin registration, you will either receive an email with a link to the registration form, or you will see this button on your team's website:


Click the link or this button to start the registration process. If you are logged in, SwimTopia will load your previous registration data for you if it's available. 

Registration Progress Bar

During the registration process, this progress bar will show you what you have completed and what is next. You can go back to a previous section at any time to make changes, but to move forward click the Next Step button at the bottom of the section you just completed. reg_progress.png

» Note: Your team may or may not have the Medical, Volunteer, or Merchandise sections enabled.

Registration Steps:

Registration Locking and Countdown Timer

Some teams have a limited quantity of available spots or items that are selected throughout the registration process.  In order to avoid overbooking, we lock in your selection of those items while you're in the process of registering.  These items can include:

  • Overall spots available on the team
  • Age group limited spots
  • Job/shift assignments
  • Season-long role assignments
  • Merchandise with quantity limits

If your team has placed limits on any of the above items, as soon as you 'reserve' a spot for any of those items throughout your registration process, you will keep that spot -- if you reserved the last spot and someone else begins to register before you complete your registration, they will be notified that that spot is not available.

After you add any limited items to your registration, you will have 15 minutes per section to complete any subsequent steps in the registration. The countdown timer will reset for each section.

If your registration form is still open after 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be forced back to the first page of the registration, and any limited quantity items you signed up for will be removed. For example, if there are registration limits, then all athletes affected by those registration limits should be removed. However, if there are no registration limits, the athlete registration will NOT be removed, but other limited items (like job/shift assignments) will be removed.


Personal Information

Enter or verify the contact information, email and volunteer preferences for each parent/guardian on the registration (returning members will have information pre-loaded into the registration form). Enter or verify information for each swimmer you are registering for the team  To add or delete a line, click the +Add or Remove buttons. Next, add your home address and phone number.


Read and check to acknowledge any liability waivers, questions, affiliations or agreements your team requires. Enter your initials to electronically sign if needed.


Click the Next Step button to save your changes and move on to the next section.


Medical Information

If your team requires this section, you will be able to read and acknowledge your team's medical waivers and treatment consent sections here, and also enter any medical conditions that the team should be aware of.



 Enter your swimmer's physician and emergency contacts. 


Click the Next Step button to save your changes and move on to the next section.


Volunteer Sign-Up

Teams have the option to either collect Volunteer Role Preferences or allow direct Job/Role Sign-up during registration.

Exempt Volunteers

If you have been pre-assigned to a role that exempts you from fulfilling the minimum commitment for the season, you will see this message and your exempt role here instead.

You can still volunteer for shifts or role preferences by clicking the "Show options" link.



Job/Role Sign-up

If your team allows Job/Role Sign-up during registration, you can choose available season roles and job shifts here. 

Any required number of roles and/or shifts per parent must be fulfilled before your registration can be submitted.


Volunteer Role Preferences

If your team collects job preferences , you can enter your preferences for each parent registering for the season here. 

» These preferences are for planning purposes only, you are not signing up for actual meet jobs right now.


Click the Next Step button to move on to the next section.



Items in Athlete Merchandise are limited to one per swimmer registration. Select your item and other options to add to your registration.



Items in Additional Merchandise can be ordered in any quantity.


Click the Next Step button to save your changes and move on to the next section.


Order Summary and Payment

Review your registration fees and merchandise orders on your Order Summary. 

If you have a discount code, you may enter it on this screen.

Below the Order Summary, you'll have several payment options:

Pay with Credit Card

If you'd like to pay with a Credit Card, click "credit card," where you can verify your payment total and securely enter your credit card information through the WePay portal.

You will automatically be returned to your team's website upon successful checkout. 

Pay with your Membership Account

If your team offers the option to bill your payment to a membership account (for example, if you're a member of a country club), they will offer the choice for you to enter your membership number.

Pay by Check

If your team offers the option to pay by check, you'll see a screen with remittance instructions.


Your confirmation receipt below will also be emailed to the address you entered during registration.


 After Registration

You are now registered with the team, and have a login account on your team's website. Check your email for a copy of this registration confirmation and activation instructions. 

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    Ben Hirsch

    The link to "login account" doesn't go anywhere. Link in the last section called "After Registration"

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    Mason Hale

    Thanks for letting us know! We have fixed the broken link.

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