Setting up Divisions for Your League

Leagues can define divisions and assign teams to those divisions. This can be particularly helpful if you’d like to display League Standings on your site.

Create and Edit Divisions

To define your league’s divisions, go to Manage League > Settings > Divisions

Click the “Add Division” button to add a division. Enter the name for the division and click “Save.” Divisions can also be edited and removed from this screen. 


If your league doesn’t have divisions, you can name the division the same as your league’s name (usually only needed if you’d like to display League Standings).


Division Assignments

Once you have all the divisions created, you will need to assign the teams to their division. Division assignment is by season, since a team can change divisions based on their performance in the previous season.

Go to Manage League > Settings > Division Assignments 

Ensure the current season is selected in the left column, then select the appropriate division for each team from the dropdown menu in the “Division” column.




League Standings

Now that your divisions are established, you can display League Standings on your site. For additional information, see our Help Center articles on:




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