Login for Parents and "My Account"

➞ Completing a Team Registration form is required to create a team website account, unless you have been instructed otherwise by a team administrator.

Login Activation and Password Reset

Logging in to your team website account allows you to view account and swimmer time data, pre-fill registration forms (returning families), and sign up for meet volunteer jobs and swimmer events.

The email you enter during registration becomes your website account login. After you complete team registration, you should have received an account activation email, which contains a link to choose a new password to activate your team website account. 

To begin, you will need your email address and the password you created to login to your team's website. 

Team Website Login

Click the Login link at the top right of your team's home page to access your personal team website account. 



On the sign-in page, enter your login email and team website password (NOT your email account password) and click the Sign In > button. 


If you can't remember your password, or have not yet created a password, click the Forgot your password? link. You will be emailed a new Password Reset link which will allow you to choose a new password.


My Account

Once you are logged in, you will see links for My Account and Sign Out at the top right of the page. Click My Account.


Your account page contains your contact information, your season affiliations, and jobs that your family has been assigned to. Your family members that are registered for the current season will also be listed. 


Click on your name to see your contact info, season-long roles that you belong to, as well as any jobs you've been assigned to in upcoming meets.  You can also see the same for your registered spouse.


Click on a swimmer's name to see their age, contact and parent info. 



You can see your swimmer's best times for each event:

And you can click on each event to see a sortable display of all times for that event:


Note:  at this time, you are unable to edit your account information.  Contact your team's administrators for assistance if you'd like to make any changes.


Job and Swimmer Sign-Up

Once you are logged in, you are now ready to sign up for meet volunteer jobs and swimmer events from your team's Swim Meets page.


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  • 0
    Ben Hirsch

    The links (team registration at the top) don't go anywhere.

  • 0
    Mason Hale

    Thanks for letting us know! We have fixed the broken links.

  • 0
    Patricia Stevens

    It says there are still four jobs open for an upcoming swim meet but when I open the jobs, it says they are all filled.  I assume that this is because it is only provides the jobs I said I would prefer.  But when I signed up, I thought it said that all jobs would be  listed regardless of preferences.  I am willing to do other jobs.  How do I change my profile so I see all jobs and can earn my points?


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