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Why aren't some users receiving email from the website?

If you are notified by a parent that they are not receiving email, first make sure they are using a current email for their website login account, and that it has no typos in Manage Team > People.

If you do notice a typo, try editing the account to make the correction. If you get an "email already taken" error, let us know so that we can investigate and make the correction.

What sometimes happens is that during registration, a parent enters their email with a typo, which creates a new parent account and leaves the first account with the correct email still in our database. Because SwimTopia uses unique email addresses for logins, you will get an error when trying to update/correct the email address. 

We can look up individual email addresses and/or email subject lines to get a quick report of undelivered messages, but there is no notification sent to us or to you at the time the message fails.

Messages sent from your site to certain users will be blocked if:

  1. The email address had previously bounced, or
  2. The user had marked any one of your messages as spam.

What should I do if a parent isn’t receiving emails?

Gather a list of parents who aren’t receiving messages and send that to your friendly Customer Happiness Team and we will investigate what the problems are and do our best to fix any problems.

If an email has bounced more than once, our system will stop trying to send to them. We’ll unblock them and if the email address is still bouncing, it will be blocked by the system again. Surprisingly, parents occasionally accidentally report messages from teams as spam and that also blocks them from receiving future messages. We’ll be able to tell if that’s the case and we’ll ask them to request us to remove the spam block.

What we do to prevent messages from being marked as Spam

Email service providers will sometimes not deliver a message they consider spam where our logs indicate it was delivered.

We have changed the way that we send outgoing messages from Communications that should even further improve our email delivery and protect more messages from being flagged as spam. 

All outgoing messages are sent with the name of the sender from a generic "noreply" email address at In addition, a special “Reply-To” header has been added to the message so that replies will still be delivered to the sender’s actual email address. Example:

From: Janet Doe (via SwimTopia) <[email protected]>
Reply-to: Janet Doe <[email protected]>

We append “(via SwimTopia)” to the friendly name in the from address to make clear that the email address is routed through SwimTopia to avoid confusion with the sender’s actual email address.

When an email client does not recognize the "reply-to" address and sends the reply directly to <[email protected]>, an auto-responder will be sent immediately, alerting the sender that their message was not delivered and to check the reply email address. 

See our blog post about Improved Email Delivery for more information.

What you can do to prevent messages from being marked as Spam

We do everything we can behind the scenes to prevent any messages from being marked as spam by email service providers, but there are things within the message that you can do as well:

(from Email Best Practices -

  • The higher the text to link and text to image ratios, the better. Too many links and images trigger spam flags at ESPs. 
  • Misspellings, spammy words (buy now!, Free!) are big spam flags, as are ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Links should include the domain that is sending the email. Also, popular url shorteners can be a bad idea because they are frequently used by spammers.
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    Are there any plans to enhance the email functionality so that we can receive emails in Swimtopia?

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