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How do we use our own team domain for our website?  

It appears that the sites for the teams on your service all take the form “” – would our name need to change to this form?  If so, do we then abandon the our custom domain name or do we need to keep it with a redirection to the new site? 

If your team has a custom domain name, you can keep it and use it with your SwimTopia account. You are not required to host your site using a subdomain like

We support two different configurations for custom domains:

    1. CloudFlare—using CloudFlare's free Universal SSL service, you can use your custom domain name without redirection, while maintaining the high level of data security offered by SwimTopia. This service provides free SSL certificates and a secure end-to-end proxy service. CloudFlare also provides additional features that can speed up the performance of your site, especially outside the United States, and provides additional analytics, threat detection and mitigation. (Don't worry, you don't need to understand what all this is to use this service.)

We wrote more about this service in our blog post on Enhanced Custom Domain support.

Configuring your domain with CloudFlare does require some additional setup, but you can do it yourself following our step-by-step CloudFlare setup guide.

    2. Legacy Redirection—your custom team domain automatically redirects to your domain (e.g., This is an option we can provide if the CloudFlare solution won’t work for you. This service requires additional setup is available upon request to [email protected]

Custom domains are supported via the above configurations to protect the security of password protected pages and sensitive data collected during registration or other times. All traffic on SwimTopia is encrypted using the secure https protocol. This ensures that no one on the same network will be able to snoop to see your password or other private information.

Can you access your domain registrar account?

Verify that you are able to log into your domain registrar account and make changes. If you are unable to gain access to your registrar account, let us know.  

If you do not already have one, you can register a custom domain through one of several economical choices available such as NameCheap or Hover. We are happy to help you with this process.

➞ Registrar-specific support pages for changing DNS settings: 

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