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USA Swimming/HYTEK


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  • Elli Overton

    SwimTopia was originally built to replace the functionality of Team Manager and to build and improve upon it - to create one, online portal, that does everything teams need. At the moment, we are a good fit for summer and high school teams, but don't offer some features that year-round teams often need, like monthly billing and accounting for swim meet entry fees. However we are completely compatible with HY-TEK, and you can import a Team Manager roster and time history into our software, and you can export meet entries in the HY-TEK file format, and import meet results too. In SwimTopia your team can accept meet declarations from parents/swimmers and create your entries from those declarations, and then export the .hy3 file for meet organizers. We just don't have a streamlined way to accept the payment of the meet entry fees. 

    You can use SwimTopia to run your team registration but we don't yet integrate seamlessly with USA Swimming. We plan to add integration with their online registration system in the future. At the moment, you can run a USA Swimming registration report and it generates a report in the .sd3 format.

    We plan to add features that year-round teams need in the future and we look forward to providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution for year-round teams, just as we do now for summer and high school teams. Please email if you have questions about SwimTopia for year-round teams.


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