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Help your team stay connected


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  • Andy Hawbaker
    I know in my personal case our Swim club sent out an email in the beginning of the lock downs saying that they were going to keep billing us the same amount monthly to keep coaches paid and keep everything else in place despite that fact our kids couldn't get together. I personally felt that was not fair as I don't need the monthly expense if my daughter isn't swimming but since then, our team is doing a Dryland workout daily on zoom where they all workout together, they are doing a zoom cooking show where they are cooking together and learning about healthy treats, the coach is doing zoom meeting with the kids to talk about goals etc. and the kids are doing their own Facetime calls to goof around and stay connected. This week they are adding a yoga class through zoom.
    The swim team is really the only thing my daughter has to keep her busy now and I don't feel bad paying for it. It's great to see our swim club adapt to the situation and keep working to help our kids stay in shape.

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