Give it a Try! Meet Maestro™ Test Drive

Wondering just how easy it is to use Meet Maestro?  We'd like you to give it a try!  Our innovative and intuitive swim meet management solution simplifies running your meets and is fully integrated with your SwimTopia system. 

With these easy steps, you can set up a test meet and see how easy it is to use Meet Maestro:


 Create a Meet

Create a test meet by copying a previous meet, and set it to "Hide from public calendar"

In the “Meet Setup” tab, be sure to set up:

  • Meet Setup > Team Preferences – set the following setting: Assume "undeclared" athletes will be participating in the meet 
  • Meet Setup > Entry Rules - do not check the box next to: Require an individual event entry for relay eligibility
  • Meet Setup > Seeding and Scoring Rules

➞ See our Help Center article about Creating and Editing a Swim Meet


② Create Meet Entries

Use the bulk edit feature to create some meet entries.  Go to Entries > Individual Entries, and click "Edit Entries" in the upper right corner. You can "select all" at the top of the column to enter all the kids in events, or you can just check whichever boxes you’d like.

Next, add some relays:  Go to Entries > Relay Entries and click on "Generate Relays." 

➞ See our Help Center articles about Meet Entries and Relay Generation


③ Merge the Meet

Now you’re ready to merge the meet 

Go to Entries > Merge/Export

  • Click on Lock out all entry changes
  • Click on Ready for Merge, then click Save
  • Click on Merge Meet Entries
  • Click on Run Meet

This will launch Meet Maestro, with all entries merged and seeded.  You will likely need to sign in to Meet Maestro, using your SwimTopia admin login.

➞ See our Help Center article about Ready to Merge


④ Set up the Meet in Meet Maestro

Go to the Gear Icon in the upper right corner

  • Go to Timing Setup and set up your number of watches (or Dolphin)
  • Go to Athletes to scratch an athlete or change their entries
  • Go to Reports and run your pre-meet reports (in the left column), such as Heat Sheet, Psych Sheet, Session Report, Timer Sheets, and more.  You can save any report as a PDF: click on “Print,” then change the destination to “Save as PDF.”

➞ See our Help Center section about Setting up Your Meet in Meet Maestro


⑤ Run the Meet

Now it’s time to run your test meet! 

Try the following actions:

  • Move from heat to heat using the arrows next to the heat indicator or by hitting “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) and the left/right arrow keys.
  • Toggle to the lane display mode and move from lane to lane using the arrows next to the lane indicator or by hitting “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) and the left/right arrow keys.
  • Go to a new event – click on the event in the Event Status Bar, or you can can use the up/down arrows to the left of the event number, or you can hit “Command” (Mac) or “Control” (PC) plus the up/down arrow keys.
  • Add an athlete to an event
  • Scratch an athlete from an event
  • Edit the members of a relay
  • Enter times for several heats and events
  • Enter DQ, D ,or Q for DQ, or click on the DQ button trigger the DQ entry window, select a DQ reason
  • Enter N or NS for “No Show,” F or DNF for “Did Not Finish,” and S or SCR for “Scratch”

➞ See our Help Center section about Running Your Meet in Meet Maestro


⑥ Results and Scoring

Once you’ve entered some times, you can see updates of places, points, and team scores.

  • See immediate updates for place/points on data entry screen
  • Watch team scores update automatically in the upper right corner of your screen, under “Standings”
  • You can run Results reports by heat – click on the Gear Icon > Reports

➞ See our Help Center article about Scoring and Placing


⑦ After the Meet

Once the meet is over, you’re ready to complete the meet.

  • You can see all post-meet reports under the Gear Icon > Reports, on the right side.  These include Results, Team Scores, Labels for ribbons, and more. You can save any report as a PDF:  click on “Print,” then change the destination to “Save as PDF.”
  • Once the meet is fully complete, click Gear Icon > Finish and Export
  • Within a few minutes, the results will automatically be loaded into the meet on your SwimTopia site
  • You can attach the results PDF file to the meet in SwimTopia, under the Files tab

➞ See our Help Center section about After Your Meet


Note: Once you've taken your test drive, you'll want to delete this meet so these dummy results won't be added to your swimmers' times history.  Go to Manage Team > Schedule > [meet name] and click on the red "Remove" button in the upper right corner of the meet.  The meet and all of the test results will be deleted.


Test with Two Teams

If you’d like to test a meet with two teams and know of another SwimTopia team who would like to try a Maestro pilot as well, you and the other team’s admin can create hidden test meets on the same date as each other, then share the linking code and play with it that way.  

➞ See our Help Center section about Meet Linking



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