Meet Maestro – Meet Access and Settings

Meet Maestro is self-contained and designed for fast, efficient operation on the day of the meet, whether your team is hand-entering times, or loading times automatically from a CTS Dolphin wireless timing system (Instructions on using Meet Maestro with CTS Dolphin Wireless Timing System can be found here)

Logging In

Browser Compatibility: Meet Maestro is NOT compatible with the web browser Internet Explorer. We suggest running Meet Maestro in Chrome.

Connection: You will need a live internet connection to use Meet Maestro. A phone hotspot can be used if there are connection issues. When you click on “Run Meet” in SwimTopia, you’ll be taken to Meet Maestro in a new window.

Permissions: Team admins with swim meet permissions or all admin permissions will be able to log in with their SwimTopia username and password 

Tip: If there are issues with someone logging in, an admin should check that their role has the appropriate permissions. As an alternative, you can click the "Make Admin" button within the user’s profile, but only do this if the person can have full admin privileges.

Concurrent Data Entry: Multiple team admins, from any of the participating teams, can click on “Run Meet” to open the meet on multiple computers for concurrent data entry. It is not recommended to have multiple people entering data in the same event at the same time, but, for example, having one computer open to enter boys’ event times and one open to enter girls’ event times could be helpful.

Re-Accessing the Meet: If you close your browser or tab and need to return to your meet in Meet Maestro you can do that by checking “Run Meet” again in SwimTopia (do NOT re-merge the meet, or this will create a new blank meet).

Product Updates: We are continually making updates to Meet Maestro. If you see a “Download New Version” button on your dashboard, click on this button to receive the latest updates (you will not lose data).



Settings - The Gear Icon Maestro-GearIcon.PNG

When you click the gear icon on the far right corner of the screen, there are a number of tabs that help you both set up and finish running the meet. We discuss each of these sections in separate help articles.





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