Meet Maestro Settings – Timing Setup

Timing Setup options are found under Meet Maestro Settings (gear icon).



The meet can be configured to run with the "Colorado Time Systems Dolphin" wireless timing system or 1 to 3 watches.


Stop Watch Options:

  • When in 1-watch mode, only an “Official time” will be entered.
  • When 2-3 watches are active, the “Official time” is calculated automatically, following league-specified rules that are set in the Meet Template (within SwimTopia under Schedule > Meet Templates > Seeding and Scoring).

Colorado Time Systems Dolphin:

If running your meet using CTS Dolphin timing system, go to our Setting Up CTS Dolphin Wireless Timing System article for more details.

Start Time Estimation:

The "Start Time Estimation" is used to create your “Session Report” which outlines estimated start times for each event based on how many seconds there are between races.


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