Quick-Start Guide to Setting Up Meets

You're ready to add meets to your season's Schedule, and here are the steps for making meet setup a snap.

Create your Meets

There are several ways to create a new meet:

  1. You can add a new meet: click the green "Add Swim Meet" button on your Schedule page - from there you can create a "New (Empty) Swim Meet" or "Import a Meet Event File"
  2. You can copy a meet from a previous year
  3. If all of the teams in your league are using SwimTopia, your league can have us perform a Meet Schedule Import, which will populate each team's Schedule with all of their meets

Now that you've added meets to your schedule, it's time to complete the setup for each meet:


Edit Meet Details

If you create a new meet or copy a meet, you will define the meet details while setting up the meet.  If your league pushed your meets down to your Schedule, you'll want to review the meet details for each meet and make edits if needed.

➞ Creating and Editing a Swim Meet


Apply Team Meet Entry Preferences

You can set up Team Meet Entry Preferences to be applied to the majority of your meets.  Once you've set your Team Meet Entry Preferences, if you create a new meet (step 1, above), your preferences should automatically be applied.  But if your league has pushed your schedule down to you, or if you copy a meet from a previous season, you'll need to check each meet's Preferences.  You can apply your Team Meet Entry Preferences within each meet.

➞ Team Meet Entry Preferences


Apply a Meet Template

Meet Templates allow you to set up swim events, entry rules, meet entry fees, and participation requirements.  You can set up multiple Meet Templates as needed, for in-season dual meets, championship meets, etc. Your league may define Meet Templates and share them with all of its SwimTopia teams.  If your league pushed your meet schedule down to your site, your meets will likely be set up with your league's Meet Template. Otherwise, you'll need to apply a Meet Template to each meet on your Schedule.    

➞ Meet Templates


Apply a Job Template

With Job Templates, you can set up jobs and shifts that are commonly used at your meets.  You'll likely set up a Home Meet Job Template, an Away Meet Job Template, and possibly a job template for your championship meet (if jobs vary).  You'll need to apply the appropriate Job Template to each meet on your Schedule.

➞ Job Templates


Update Your Meet Status

Once your meet is set up and ready to go, it's time to edit your meet status.  This includes meet signups (attendance declarations and meet entries, if applicable for your team) and job signups.

➞ Schedule: Meet or Event Status


⑥ Add Files

Use the Files section to add file attachments to your meet. These files can include reports that your parents would like to access before the meet, such as Heat Sheets, Meet Entries, Timeline, Volunteer Report, etc.  And they can also include reports that families will access after the meet is complete, such as Results, Records, Championship Qualifiers, etc.

➞ Schedule: Adding Files to Meets and Events


Ready for Entries and Job Signups

Now that you've set up all of the meets on your Schedule, your parents will begin signing up for meets and jobs. 

Coaches can review or create meet entries, generate relays, and export the entries for meet day.  See more: Meet entries and results workflow

Your volunteer coordinator can manage volunteer signups as parents sign up for jobs. See more: Jobs and Shifts



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