Swim-Team.us Migration: Returning Member Registration

Your returning members do not need to be logged in to your SwimTopia site to register for your new season. (And the passwords that your members had used to access your old site will not work on your new SwimTopia site.) Once your members register for your team on your new site, they’ll automatically receive an activation email with instructions for setting up a password. 

When returning parents register on your new SwimTopia site, they'll enter their information: parents' names and email addresses, and children's names and birthdates. Our system will sync up the names so that duplicate records aren't created.  After parents enter their name and email address, our system will automatically enter their home address and phone number (from the records that we've imported for you).

The only situation where we might have duplicates is if our system doesn't see an exact match:

  • With parents, we're looking at first name, last name, and email address
  • With swimmers, we're looking at first name, last name, and birthdate

So if an old record is listed as Joseph Smith and the new registration says Joe Smith, our system would not see a match.

Note: if the old record includes two first names in the first name field (Fred & Wilma Flinstone), our system will not see a match.  You should look through your 2017 roster information and do some housekeeping to assign one first name to the appropriate email address.

Once your families begin to register, if you happen to see any duplicate parents, contact us at [email protected] and we'll merge the duplicates for you.

To check for duplicate swimmers, there are two options:

  1. Go to Manage Team > Settings > Data Maintenance Tools > De-Duplicate Athletes
    If our system sees some possible duplicate swimmers, you'll see two choices and will have the opportunity to merge them.  See more in our Help Center article about Data Maintenance Tools
  2. If the differences are too great for our system to detect, the swimmers might not show up on the Athlete De-Dupe tool.  You can compare these two reports to find duplicates:  Go to Manage Team > Reports > Registration and run the "Non-returning Athlete" report and also the "Rookie Athletes" report.  If the same swimmer shows up on both reports, that means there's a duplicate.  Contact us at [email protected] to perform the merge for you.

After registration is closed, we recommend you go to the Athlete De-Dupe tool first, then run the two reports after that, and let us know if there are any duplicates we can help you with.

In future years, if parents are logged in to your SwimTopia site, their next registration form will be autopopulated with their family's data, which is taken from their last registration on your SwimTopia site.

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