Swim-Team.us Migration: Frequently Asked Questions

As the 2018 swim season begins to ramp up, we have some important tips to pass along to you. We’ve noticed that Swim-Team.US customers that migrated their data have some frequently asked questions due to some differences between the systems. Here we address some answers to those FAQs that are starting to roll in to our Customer Happiness Center:

Getting Started

As you’re becoming familiar with your new SwimTopia site, we have a couple of resources to help guide you:


Roster – “Mother & Father” In The First Name Field

Action needed: Before opening registration, you should edit any records with an email address that have two parents’ names listed in the first name field (e.g. first name = Fred & Wilma) to have only one name in that field. 

You should edit the first name field so it reflects the first name of the parent who owns that email address (e.g. edit the first name to read only “Wilma” if the email address is [email protected])

Why this is important: Our registration form is clearly laid out such that only one parent’s first name should appear in the first name field. When your returning parents register for the new season, our system will look for a match based on first name, last name and email address.  If there’s a match, we’ll sync their registration with their old account. If there’s not a match, our system will create a new record, unless the email address is already on file.  Therefore, if the old record contains both parents’ names in the first name field, our system won’t see an exact match.  Users will see an “email address already taken” prompt, and they will not be allowed to continue with registration.  See our Help Center article about What does "email address already taken" mean?


Passwords And Logging In

Your returning members do not need to be logged in to your SwimTopia site to register for your team. And the passwords that your members had used to access your old site will not work on your new SwimTopia site. Once your members register for your team on your new site, they’ll automatically receive an activation email with instructions for setting up a password.


Registration for Returning Members

All of your returning members will enter their family’s information when they register for the new season.  Our system will sync their records with the data we’ve imported for you during the migration.  For more information, see our Help Center article about Returning Member Registration.


Web Content And News Posts

We’ve had lots of questions about managing news posts and how to change your ‘Home’ page. SwimTopia offers a robust content management system, making it easy for you to create pages displaying the information your families need.

When your site was migrated from your old Swim-Team.us site, it’s likely that the only content on your home page was being displayed through a Recent News snippet, displaying the last 5 news posts.  There may also be an image snippet containing a team photo or logo.

Please take a moment to read our Help Center article with best practices for managing your site’s content:  Web Content vs. News Posts.


Publishing Reports

We’ve received questions about how to publish some reports, such as a Parent Directory or Records.  Only admins have access to the Reports module on your SwimTopia site. If you’d like to publish the results of your reports, see our Help Center article with a step-by-step guide to Publishing Report Content.



Your system admins (with full admin privileges) are shown with a red “Admin” badge next to their name on your People page.  When we performed your migration, we migrated all of your roles, including a Super Admin role.  Most of you will see that your Super Admins are also red-badge system admins. Just a heads-up, the Super Admin role is redundant to our red-badge admin assignment and was a by-product of the migration. 

Your red-badge admins are the admins that we see when we want to look up who your team’s admins are, and they’re also the ones who receive emails when we send email updates about SwimTopia. The one thing that the Super Admin role provides that the red-badge admin doesn’t: you can email all of your Super Admins as a group, but you wouldn’t be able to email your red-badge admins as a group (although most teams don’t need to send emails to their group of admins).  If you don’t need to email your admins as one group, you can delete your Super Admin role to avoid redundancy.


Domain Forwarding

If you haven’t done so already, please forward your domain from your old Swim-Team.us site to your new SwimTopia site, as you’ll want your swim families to be redirected automatically to your new site (even if they go to the old URL).
If you haven’t forwarded your old domain yet, you’ll see an orange warning box at the top of any screen under “Manage Team.” Once your new SwimTopia site is up and running, the final step will be to click on the orange “Enable Redirect” button in the upper right corner.   

Note: due to database incompatibility, we were unable to migrate your old registration forms. If you need to copy and paste any waivers or wording from your old registration forms, be sure to do so before you enable domain forwarding.  If you've already forwarded your domain, you can send an email to us at [email protected] and request that we unforward your domain.  Once you've retrieved your registration info, you can reforward your domain with the orange "Enable Redirect" button.


Thank You!

Our Help Center is a great resource to guide you through the setup of your new site, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Your Customer Happiness Team

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