Swim-Team.us Migration: Publishing Report Content

Only admins have access to the Reports module on your SwimTopia site. If you’d like to publish the results of your reports, such as a Parent Directory or Records, here are the steps to do so: 

Run the report

  • Go to Manage Team > Reports > click on the report name, and generate the report you’d like
  • Decide how you’d like to display the information:
    • Copy and paste: Keep report open in a separate tab so you can copy and paste the information into your new page once it’s created
    • Link to a PDF:
      • Create the PDF file:
        • Click on “Print report,” then under “Destination,” select “Save to PDF”
        • Save the report to your hard drive
      • Upload the file:
        • Go to Manage Team > Settings > Uploaded Files
        • Upload the PDF file
        • Right click on the name of the file and save the URL
      • See Linking to Uploaded Files
    • Other format:
      • Click on “Download to CSV” to generate a spreadsheet
      • Then you can manipulate and format the data how you’d like; from there you can copy and paste in the new format, or you can save it as a separate file

Create a new page

Add content to your page

  • Go to your new page
  • Hover over your name in the upper right corner, select “Edit Page Content”
  • Edit the existing Text Area snippet or add a new Text Area snippet -- see Working with Snippets to Create and Edit Page Content
  • Depending on how you’d like to display the information:
    • Copy and paste:  You can copy and paste the information from your report and insert it directly into your Text Area Snippet
    • Link to a file:  Add the text you’d like, and include a link to the URL that you’ve saved from your Uploaded Files section
    • For more information, see our article about the  Text Area Snippet

Example of the report results being copied and pasted into the page:


Example of a link to a report:


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